When is Coraline 2 Coming Out

Those who aren’t usually into animated films will find much to enjoy in Coraline. This adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name into a stop-motion horror film was well welcomed by both critics and audiences.

Fans of all ages were drawn to the film’s dark, foreboding tone and its surprisingly universal themes of isolation, social rejection, and the search for one’s true self. Many viewers have wondered if and when a sequel to 2009’s Coraline would be made. So, do the release date and trailer for Coraline 2 already exist?

There are no plans to release Coraline 2 in 2022. It’s easy to spread bogus reports, trailers, and release dates on the internet. Tweets by Neil Gaiman, author of Coraline, suggest that a sequel will not be made. He thinks he can’t duplicate the popularity of the first book and movie and is focused on other undertakings.

When is Coraline 2 Coming Out

You are now aware that Coraline will not have a sequel. Not in 2022, and probably not ever, considering the author’s repeated assertions throughout the years. However, all the rumours, hoaxes, leaks, trailers, etc. must have some basis. If you want to find out more, stick around and read on.

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Will There be a Release to “Coraline?”

No, as novelist Neil Gaiman has stated emphatically more than once. In March of this year, to be precise. He received a tweet from a fan asking if a screenshot of Coraline 2 speculations with the comment “is this real” was accurate, to which he replied simply and strongly, “no.”

This makes sense, given that a year prior he tweeted that he was on the lookout for a narrative that may be at least as fantastic as the first one, if not better.

After the success of the first picture, he is reluctant to compromise on quality in order to placate fans of the franchise. Although Coraline 2 would actually be highly successful, Neil Gaiman doesn’t appear to want to damage his image as an author, regardless of how many fans are unsatisfied. In addition, he is also focused on other works, such as the adaptation of The Sandman.

Expectations for the Second Coraline Movie

The second series of this animated film has not gotten any official announcements.

Fans have been trying to download Coraline 2 ever since the first portion was made available. There has been talk about the movie and its plot, but no official announcements regarding when it will be released have been made. Although the release date has not yet given, the film is projected to debut in November 2022.

The writer doesn’t want to risk his reputation by producing a work that is worse than his previous work. Some writers enjoy doing that, but it typically backfires. Although we disagree with his selection, it is a wise and practical one.

Coraline’s Voice Actors

The several characters in the film’s first act were voiced by an outstanding voice cast. Many voice performers (including,

  • Teri Hatcher
  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Ian McShane
  • Robert Bailey Jr.

If the characters ever come back, their fans would love to hear them use these same voices again. When Coraline 2 is released, the voice actors who fans have come to know and love will all be back.

Coraline’s Cast

Among the potential protagonists of the story are,

  • Coraline Jones
  • Bobo
  • Miss Spink
  • Miss Forcible
  • Jones
  • The Cat
  • The Other Father
  • Jones
  • The Beldam
  • The Ghose Children

Coraline 2 Plot: What could Happen?

Since Gaiman hasn’t shared any details, we have no idea what the story entails. And because there have been no new developments, it’s unclear if there will be a sequel at all.

For now, let’s wait for additional information from the producers, but it’s possible that Gaiman is secretly working on the sequel.

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In Conclusion!

Everything that is known at this time about the sequel has been covered here. Furthermore, the news is really disheartening.

Neil Gaiman consistently maintained there is no official plan to make a sequel to Coraline. No official synopsis, plot details, or cast members have been announced as of yet.

All we can do is hold our breath and trust that Neil Gaiman will pull off another masterpiece, one that is at the very least as good as the original and ideally even better. In the meantime, we may rewatch the original film in anticipation of his future efforts.