Where Was The Movie Black Crab Filmed

Black Crab, also known as Svart Krabba, is an Adam Berg-helmed action/adventure film. Jerker Virdborg adapted his own novel into a film, which he co-wrote with Berg and Pelle Rdström.

In the film, speed skater Caroline Edh (Noomi Rapace) is one of six soldiers tasked with delivering a mysterious cargo across Sweden’s frozen landscape.

Their work brings up ethical concerns and draws attention to the horrors of war. The beautiful scenery in this Swedish-language film highlight the perilous nature of the expedition’s goal.

Fans must be curious as to where the film was actually shot. Here is all the information you need about the beautiful locations in “Black Crab.”

Where Was The Movie Black Crab Filmed

Production Sites for the Movie “Black Crab”

The majority of the action in “Black Crab” takes place in Sweden, namely in the county of Norrbotten and the capital city of Stockholm. Production on the film officially began in the first few months of 2021 and concluded up in early April of that year.

The rocky and icy Swedish archipelagos provide as a fitting backdrop for the high-octane post-apocalyptic action. Let’s check out the actual locations used in the movie!

Located in Sweden’s Norrbotten County

The majority of the scenes were filmed in Norrbotten County, which is located in Sweden. Although it takes up a sizable chunk of Sweden’s territory, the county has a very low population density.

Consequently, it serves as a fitting setting for the film’s dystopian, gloomy, and frightening storyline. The film was partially shot in Kiruna, a city in the Kiruna Municipality of Norrbotten County.

Founded in the 1890s, Kiruna is Sweden’s most northern city. It serves as a vital centre for research and tourism. The Kiruna Church and the Icehotel are two of the most popular places of interest in the city.

Some scenes were also shot in Jukkasjärvi, a community in the municipality of Kiruna. Norrbotten County is home to the production of several well-known television series.

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Black Crab was shot on location all throughout Sweden, including in and around Stockholm and Norrbotten County. Capital of the nation and a major cultural and commercial hub, the city is an important location for the entire country.

Tourists flock to Gamla Stan, Kastellet, the Kista Science Tower, Stockholm City Hall, and Stockholm Palace every year. Films like “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (directed by David Fincher) and “The Postcard Killings” (also directed by Fincher) were all shot in Stockholm.

In 2009, Bahnhof, a Swedish ISP, opened up new access points to its underground Pionen network equipment in the Stockholm White Mountains.

Anyone visiting Stockholm can be forgiven for singing the tune from their favourite science fiction film upon seeing Bahnhof.

This is because the ISP purposefully made its server environment evoke the appearance and feel of films like “Silent Running” and “Secret Agent,” to attract customers.

Insuring a steady supply of black crab was a formidable task.

Producing the film meant a great deal of difficulty for Mattias Montero in attempting to capture the real essence of the location.

A Swede’s upbringing is characterised by a sense of security and fairness, he said. When compared to other places, life here is generally pleasant and secure. But in recent years, we have all learned how vulnerable our communities are as a result of epidemics, civil wars, climate change, and economic upheaval.

I wonder what it would be like to awake one day to find that Sweden has been completely decimated by war. The intention behind making Black Crab was to depict, from a Scandinavian point of view, what happens to people when chaos does.

It’s a huge undertaking and a fantastic challenge, but with the help of Netflix, we’ll be able to share this epic Swedish saga with viewers all over the world.