Who is Joseph Morgan Married To

It’s true that Joseph Morgan, star of The Vampire Diaries, is a major Hollywood player, but there’s only one woman who has complete control over his emotions and thoughts.

A woman named Persia White plays a pivotal role in his life. What follows is an expansion on the background of Joseph’s wife, Persia.

To learn more about Persia White, please refer to the following.

Persia Jessica White has performed in theatre, film, and music videos. She was born in Miami, but her family eventually moved to the Bahamas so that her father could take advantage of better job opportunities there. Earlier in life, she pursued ballet training.

Who is Joseph Morgan Married To

White and her family returned to South Florida not long after, and not long after that, White was spotted by a scout from the Coconut Grove Children’s Theater while out with her mom.

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The Persian actress Persia has been featured in a wide variety of media.

Upon graduating from high school, Persia uprooted to Los Angeles in search of a music industry job. She also started trying out for jobs in TV shows around the same time, and eventually managed to land guest spots on shows like Sister, Sister, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and NYPD Blue.

The 49-year-old actress went on to appear in an episode of Girlfriends in 2000. She played Lynn Ann Searcy until the show’s cancellation in 2008. From 2012 until 2017, she was also seen in The Vampire Diaries as Abby Bennett Wilson.

According to her website, White won the prize for Best Actor in a Feature Film for her performance in Dysfunctional Friends at the American Black Film Festival. She has also been credited as a writer and producer in addition to her acting career.

With Joaquin Phoenix, who played the Joker, she collaborated on the 2005 documentary Earthlings, which went on to win several awards. In 2018, at the Westfield International Film Festival, she won the prize for Women in Film.

It has been established that Persia is the mother of a young girl from a prior relationship.

You read that correctly. A daughter named Mecca is the product of a prior relationship for Persia, and she is a doting mother. Mecca’s Instagram bio is proof that she intends to pursue a career in the entertainment industry like her famous mother.

She has worked in both film and theatre. She also designs clothing under the label White Lion, which is inspired by surf and skate culture.

Persia, Joseph, and Mecca keep posting images of their time in Hawaii whenever they get the chance. Mecca shared a touching birthday message for Joseph on Instagram that year (2021).

Mecca posted a stunning photo of the group posing in front of the sea on Instagram at the moment. “Happy Birthday to @therealjosephmorgan AKA the coolest step dad on da island man we jammin,” she wrote.

In 2009, White released an album.

In addition to her acting career, Persia was a member of the XEO3 industrial rock band. In 2009, Persia, who has appeared in over a dozen films, released an album titled Mecca. There are a total of 12 tracks on the album, and they blend “electronica, trip-hop, blues, and prog-rock,” in case you were wondering.

White then released a statement on her website that read, “When I make music I want it to be honest and be me.” I preferred to hold out and do things the way my heart told me they should be done. Thank goodness I’m at a point in my life where I can put out my own authentic creations.

How did Joseph and Persia first meet?

When filming Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries in 2012, Morgan and White first crossed paths on the set. The two were romantically involved and later became engaged.

In July of 2014, these two sweethearts exchanged vows. Joseph and Persia’s wedding in Jamaica included only their 26 closest family and friends. The newlyweds danced to Florence + the Machine’s “Never Let Me Go” after saying their vows.

In an interview with People, Persia revealed intimate details about her and Morgan’s wedding. The atmosphere was “extremely primitive,” as she put it.

‘There was nothing about it that was overwhelming, really enormous, or fantastic,’ White told the magazine. We aimed for an atmosphere that was both cosy and stunning, with a touch of natural harmony.

I guess one of the reasons we picked it was because we love the seaside and we both grew up by the sea,” the Breaker High star continued. It was great to be near the water. And the Jamaican people are fantastic.

Instead of a star-studded event, Persia and Joseph’s wedding was a small, private ceremony. White wore a Vera Wang gown at her wedding, while Morgan sported an ivory silk tux with black lapels.

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While White and Joseph have only collaborated on a small number of projects,

Persia and Morgan formed a business partnership in 2016, launching a production firm they dubbed Night Owl Productions.

In the words of the company’s website, “Night Owl Productions was formed on the wings of our imagination, out of a strong desire to create daring, innovative concepts in film, music, art, and whatever else our sleepless hearts can conjure up.”

It was also in 2018 that the short film White and Joseph collaborated on, titled Carousel. Morgan directed, co-wrote, and produced the short film.

In 2018, the couple worked together to put on a live event on the online platform StageIt. Persia’s daughter Mecca also performed, and the family advertised a “night filled of music, art, poetry, and special announcements.”