Will There Be Another Season of Darling And The Franxx

Fans of Darling in the Franxx are still on the edge of their seats two years after the publication of Season 1. The pressing issue is how long it will be before the new season is released.

Those who have been keeping up with the popular anime series know that it concluded in July of 2018. Who would have guessed it would be more than two years until a new season arrived?

Producers and the production team have been silent about the show’s future since July 2018. Fans, however, see no such thing as a gloomy future, as they are still optimistic about the upcoming season.

Well, it’s time to clear up the mystery that is Season 2 of Darling in the Franxx.

Will There Be Another Season of Darling And The Franxx

Where Do We Stand With Season 2 of “Darling in the Franxx?”

Darling has not had a single lead out word in Season 2 of Franxx from either Trigger or CloverWorks.

That the show will not be picked up for a second season is what everyone seems to agree on. What a shame!

If you believe the millions of positive reviews, the show must be great. The show came to a satisfying finish that fit the tale perfectly.

We find it odd that Studio Trigger has denied and then confirmed rumours that they were even considering renewing DITF 2 for a third season. As a result, all of our Twitter activities have been rendered futile. Still no word from the studio on when it will be released, according to eager fans. (whenever it may arise)

But for the time being, it is prudent to avoid speculation and focus on the fundamentals.

Any Predictions for the Plot?

They haven’t said anything about Season 2 or announced it, and if they do decide to make more, they’ll have to start from scratch because Season 1 already gave us the bulk of the information we need.

The season one finale was excellent because the survivors made the best of their situation. The villains will return in subsequent seasons, bringing with them more anarchy for the heroes to analyse. And, there’s more excitement on the horizon.

These are merely theories for the time being; we won’t know the truth until we hear it from the show’s creators.