7 Best Sites Like Flvto to Convert YouTube Videos

YouTube is the most popular medium for listening to music and seeing videos of popular songs. Many major production firms and independent producers have gone to YouTube in recent years to release new content online for a large audience.

All of the content on YouTube is now only available in video format, which may be a problem for those who just want the audio version of the content for various reasons.

Many conversion sites have devised a solution to this challenge in order to meet these demands. YouTube videos can now be converted to audio files by users.


One website that provides this service is Flvto. It has a large following due to its simple interface and ease of usage.

It is 100% free and does not require registration. In 2024, there are various similar services available, although some of them may be unlawful, slow, or full of annoying advertisements.

The following article is a selection of the best sites similar to Flvto that are free, safe to use, quick, and dependable.

7 Alternatives to Flvto

The 7 finest Sites like Flvto for converting YouTube videos to audio files are listed below. All of the options are free, trustworthy, quick, and dependable. You can look through the list provided below.

1. YTmp3 (YouTube Music Player)

Due to its popularity, YTmp3 is the first on the list and, most likely, the first Google search result for ‘converting YouTube videos.’

YTmp3 converts mp3 and mp4 FLV files to allow users to easily have the entire video or music on their PC. The platform of this supplier is simple and straightforward to use; no registration or sign-in is necessary.

To download a YouTube video, simply copy the URL address, paste it into YTmp3, and then select the format. The download is rapid, and you can prevent ad troubles by using an ad blocker.

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2. 2Conv

The next item on the to-do list is 2conv. This site, like YTmp3, provides a service for converting YouTube videos to audio or AVI format.

The download method is simple, and the platform is more current than YTmp3, but it isn’t very unique. It’s simple to set up and utilise. It is, of course, free and does not require registration, much like Flvto.

Simply copy and paste the YouTube address link into 2conv’s search field, select the desired format, and click the download button, and the file will be downloaded in minutes.

Users may encounter some bothersome advertisements, thus it is recommended that they use a reliable adblocker to resolve this issue.

3. PointMP3

POINT MP3 is without a doubt the greatest option for converting YouTube videos. POINT MP3 is one of the most popular online converters.

The website is designed to be user-friendly, and there are Chrome and Firefox add-ons available to make the downloading process even easier.

All of their services are free, and there are no registration or sign-in procedures. This service has the largest number of users in the globe, and their experience has been excellent for all of them.

The download and conversion speeds are incredible, there are multiple formats to choose from, and the majority of the content is of good quality.

4. SaveMP3

SaveMP3 is a quick and dependable platform for extracting audio from YouTube videos and converting high-quality audio to MP3 or MP4 files.

Anyone can use the services anonymously and enjoy unrestricted MP3 downloads. There is no need to register, and it is completely free.

Users may be subjected to obnoxious advertisements; therefore, it is recommended that they use a reliable adblocker to avoid this issue.

SaveMP3 allows users to download audio and video files not only from YouTube but also from over 1000 other websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Netflix, Dailymotion, and Hulu.

5. DLNow Soft

Another free YouTube video converter is DLNow Soft. It can also operate with a variety of websites, although YouTube and SoundCloud are two that it excels at.

The download and conversion speeds are always great, and the majority of people are happy with this provider’s service.

Users can download videos in a variety of formats, but the majority of them are the most common.

Despite the lack of additional features such as add-ons or desktop editions, this simple but powerful provider does an excellent job for free.

6. Online Video Converter

Another popular converting site is Online Video Converter, however most people use it as a backup strategy.

Although it is a high-converting site, it does have one flaw: ads. To utilise this site, users must disable their ad blocker, after which all adverts appear all over the screen.

This site’s services are also free, and there is no need to register. It functions similarly to the aforementioned websites and without any distinguishing features

On the contrary, it suffers from the same ad problem, so use it only when other options are unavailable.

7. Y2mate

y2mate is the last site on the list. This is a popular conversion website with a large user base. It works similarly to Flvto and the other websites mentioned, and it is completely free.

The biggest benefit of this site is that it is completely ad-free and operates quite smoothly on a fast internet connection.

It comes with a Chrome extension that makes transcoding and downloading YouTube videos from a computer or mobile device a breeze.

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There are numerous websites that offer free conversion services. For converting YouTube videos into audio files, almost all of the sites use a similar method.

Due to the high level of competition, these sites can experience a slew of problems, which might result in the site being taken down.

It becomes vital for users to be aware of certain alternatives to their preferred conversion site so that, if an issue arises, they may still find a solution.

The sites listed above are all free and most do not require registration; nevertheless, it is recommended that you utilise a good adblocker while visiting these sites for an even better experience.