How Many Men did Marshal Dillon Kill in the Gunsmoke Series?

A new audience was won over by the Colt.45 single action Army revolver, the sidearm of choice for the United States Army from 1873 to 1892.

Thanks to James Arness’ portrayal of Marshal Matt Dillon on the CBS Gunsmoke series, which aired for 20 seasons, from 1955 to 1975.

Not surprisingly, one of his Colts from the hit series fetched a whopping $50,000 at High Noon, making it the most desirable collectible lot in Hollywood.

How Many Men did Marshal Dillon Kill in the Gunsmoke Series?

In 1903’s The Great Train Robbery, the film often regarded as the birth of the motion picture business.

The outlaw gang leader famously fired several bullets from a Colt 1892 double action at the camera.

Marking the beginning of Hollywood’s long and passionate relationship with the brand. The “Cavalry” type Colt that one of the outlaws was carrying had a barrel length of 712 inches.

Colt’s popularity would rise again if it produced a revolver with a 712-inch barrel, like it had when the company ceased making the single action Army in 1941.

For Gunsmoke, Stembridge Gun Rentals blued a bunch of them. During Arness’s 20-year stint on the show.

The production company rented a number of Colt revolvers, and this specific one was rented in 1961, according to the Stembridge records.

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Total Number of People Marshal Dillon Kill in the Gunsmoke Series

From 138 males and 7 women up to 303 persons have appeared on CBS’s Gunsmoke over the course of the show’s 20-year run.

Counting the ones that TV movie U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon captured, we get 407. It’s possible that some of the evil people were just injured, while others succumbed to their wounds later on.

Who is the Man Matt Dillon Shoots at the Beginning of Gunsmoke?

Arvo Ojala, a famed Hollywood quick-draw master who played the villain who was defeated in a gun duel by James Arness.

Marshal Matt Dillon in the pilot episode of the long-running Western television series “Gunsmoke,” has passed away.

He was 85. Mr. Ojala passed away on July 1 at his home in Gresham, Oregon, according to his family.

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Both the radio and the television adaptations of Gunsmoke feature an imaginary figure named Marshal Dillon.

In the 1870s, he serves as the U.S. Marshal in charge of maintaining order in Dodge City, Kansas. Author John Meston conceived of the persona.

Over the course of nine years on CBS Radio and twenty years on CBS Television, the character underwent extensive development (Columbia Broadcasting System).