How to Delete a Notebook in OneNote?

OneNote is a free, standalone desktop and mobile app that is also included in Microsoft’s Office suite of programmes. To better organise your thoughts, OneNote lets you make several notebooks, each of which can have its own tabs and pages.

Having the option to create many journals is helpful for keeping track of a wide variety of tasks and ideas, but you may eventually find yourself in need of a purge.

Here’s what you need to do to get rid of a notebook in OneNote.

How to Delete a Notebook in OneNote

The Proper Way to Delete a Notebook in OneNote

Not quite the same as erasing, closing a notebook can be useful if you don’t want your work to be permanently lost. After closing a notebook, it will no longer be visible in any of your OneNote apps, but you can always reopen it if you need to.

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Utilizing Microsoft’s OneNote

Note that in order to dismiss a notebook in the Windows app, you must first launch OneNote on a desktop or laptop computer.

  1. When you open it, you can see a list of your notebooks by clicking the Show Notebook List button. The less-than sign can be found in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. To get rid of a notebook, just right-click it and select the corresponding Close This Notebook menu item.
  3. It should no longer be possible to access the specified notebook.
  4. You can access it again from your list of notebooks by selecting the More Notebooks option.

When you click the notebook you want to unhide, it will return to the main list where you may make changes and see it alongside your other notebooks.

In a Mobile Device

Using the iPad app is quite similar to using the Android or iPhone app. Launch the app on your mobile device, then navigate to the Notebooks menu. Select the notebook you’d like to shut by pressing and holding your finger on it.

You can choose to update or close your notebook from the contextual menu that appears. Android users will see a redesigned menu layout, with options appearing in the header. For iOS devices, the navigation bar will show at the base of the screen.

Select one or more notebooks, then click the book-shaped Close Notebook button to close them.

To restore your notebook at a later time, select More Notebooks and then select it from the list. Using the online version of OneNote

Unfortunately, you can’t actually close a notebook with the web-based OneNote programme. The OneNote desktop and mobile apps are the only places you may permanently close a notebook.

Taking Notes on Deleting Notebooks from Your Computer

In OneNote, there are a few options for erasing notebooks irretrievably.

You can save notebooks locally on your computer if you’re using the desktop version of OneNote, but otherwise they will be stored in the cloud on your OneDrive account, making it easy to access them from any device.

If you want to get rid of a notebook you’ve saved locally on your computer, you can do it through Windows’ File Explorer.

Launch Windows File Explorer and head to the Documents folder to get started. To access your OneNote notebooks, simply double-click on the folder.

To get rid of a notebook, just right-click on it and select “Delete.”

You can retrieve your notepad from the trash can until you empty it (should you wish to).

A Guaranteed Method for Erasing a OneNote Online Notebook

A notebook cannot be deleted from within OneNote online, however it can be deleted from within your OneDrive folders.

However, doing so will erase your notepad forever. If you’ve followed the procedures at the top of this post and closed OneNote before deleting a notebook, it won’t appear on any of your other devices where OneNote is installed and synced.

Double-click the Documents folder in your OneDrive online files list to get started. Navigate to the OneDrive folder containing the notebook you wish to remove. When you get there, just delete it by right-clicking on it.

Even if this notebook has been erased, you may still see it in other OneNote apps with which it has been synchronised. If that happens, just close it using the methods outlined in the introduction, and start over.

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You can do a Lot More With OneNote than You Think.

OneNote’s capabilities are more extensive than they appear at first glance if you are not a frequent user. This is more than simply a note-taking app.

OneNote can be used to integrate text with financial data by embedding Excel sheets. Copies of text from photographs can be used to keep tabs on spending, and if you’re concerned about security, you can encrypt your OneNote notebooks.

Tired of reading? OneNote also allows you to capture audio and video to aid in your study and work. Since there are no hidden costs associated with using OneNote, there is nothing to lose by giving it a shot.