How To Delete Comments On Instagram?

You’ve found the proper place if the comments others have left on your images and videos bother you, or if you’ve simply changed your mind. We explain how to erase Instagram comments individually or in bulk. Moreover, we show you how to turn them off in the conclusion.

Instructions for Erasing Instagram Feedback

If you don’t want your or other users’ comments to appear below your posts, Reels, or IGTV videos, you can delete them from your profile.

You can only remove your own comments that you’ve written on a publication in the same section of other people’s Instagram accounts.

How To Delete Comments On Instagram

Instagram Comments can be Removed From either the Mobile App or the Web Interface.

All comments, including yours and others, are deleted in the same way.

Step 1. Access the discussion thread by clicking the remark button. View all (number) comments at the bottom of the page will also open the complete list.

Step 2. For Android users, tapping and holding on a comment will bring up additional options. On an iPhone, you can do this by swiping to the left.

Step 3. Select the bin icon to delete.

That remark no longer exists on Instagram. A pop-up window with an Undo button appears for 3 seconds. You will never get the response once the deadline has passed.

When you remove a user’s comment on Instagram, they won’t be notified. Only if they set out to find them on purpose will they learn the truth.

Disable Instagram Browser Comments

Instagram comments can be removed from the website on any device using a web browser.

Step 1. Communicating Via Telephone

Step 2. Release the remarks.

Step 3. To dismiss a remark, press and hold on Android or swipe left on iOS.

Select the Delete option.

With the Help of PC:

Step 1. Disconnect the dots.

Step 2. To get rid of something, select it and press Delete.

The browser solution is still worth looking into, even if the app is your preferred choice. If you want to delete a comment but can’t seem to find it in a lively Instagram thread, you may do so from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Step 1. Pull up a browser’s options.

Step 2. Choose the Find on This Page option.

Step 3. Enter a username or, if you remember the comment by heart, a word.

A bright colour will be used to emphasise the found text directly on the page.

The Easiest Way to Remove Multiple Comments at Once on Instagram

Many of the Instagram comments you wish to delete are by the same author or are affiliated with the same publication. Instagram comments that meet these criteria can be deleted, and you can also choose to delete comments based on specific words.

Each and Every Remark Made on an Instagram IGTV Reel

Disabling comments on an Instagram post will remove any and all comments made under that post. No new ones can be created by users.

Step 1. Connect the dots by tapping the screen.

Step 2. Switch off the comment section.

If you ever find yourself in need of the opinions of others on Instagram again, just enable comments as before. We’ll be replacing the off switch with a on switch. Previous feedback will be restored.

There is no centralised method of disabling comments on all of your Instagram posts at once. You’ll have to manually power down each component if you really need to. Instagram comments made by specified users or containing specific words can be deleted all at once.

Each Every Instagram User’s Comments

When you block an Instagram user, their previous comments are removed from your profile. If the user can’t discover your profile or previous comments, they won’t bother posting under your threads again.

  1. Select a remark by holding down the mouse button for a while (Android). Slide it to the left (iOS).
  2. Select the arrow icon.
  3. Select the user to block.

The user’s previous remarks cannot be retrieved after you have unblocked them.

Bottom Line

You may now remove a comment from Instagram with ease. The remarks of others and yourself can be deleted from your profile page. Only your own content will be removed from other people’s pages. Don’t be hasty to delete; once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Perhaps you need to start by copying a comment.