How To Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac?

Storing many versions of an image is wasteful. Do you wish to learn the means by which to remove them from your Mac? Find out how to quickly identify and remove photo duplication by reading this blog post.

My Mac Has Multiple Copies of Every Picture—Why?

Numerous scenarios allow for the creation of duplicate images, including:

Step 1. The pictures taken with the camera or the mobile phone can be imported.

Step 2. Mistakenly cloned a visual source.

Step 3. Multiple copies of the same picture were saved.

How To Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac

Duplicate pictures are just a waste of storage space. They should be removed from your Mac immediately. Get the scoop in the following section.

Where to Look for Duplicate Images on a Mac and How to Remove Them

Using BuhoCleaner, one of the best duplicate photo finders, is the fastest and easiest way to locate and get rid of duplicate images on a Mac. It can search through the Photos app as well as any other folder on your Mac to locate identical images.

It can also find duplicates of your files, such as music, videos, documents, and more. When dealing with duplicates, you can now do so with minimal effort.

Specifically, do the following:

Step 1. Get your hands on BuhoCleaner by downloading, setting it up, and starting it up.

Step 2. Select Duplicates from the menu bar, and then add the folder you wish to scan by clicking the plus sign.

Step 3. When the scan is finished, you’ll be able to see a list of all the duplicate files on your Mac.

Step 4. If you go to the tab labelled “Image,” you can view all of the identical images at once.

Step 5. Select Smart Select from the Select Duplicates drop-down to quickly mark all copies of an image for deletion.

BuhoCleaner is more than just a tool for finding duplicate images. It’s also a helpful cleaner that can get rid of unused apps, erase huge files, manage starting programmes, assess disc space, and more from the system, applications, and users. It’s certainly worth a go.

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Finding and Removing Duplicates in the Photos App by Hand

When you import a photo into the Photos app, it will immediately notify you if it is a duplicate. However, if the images have already been saved to your Photo Library, you can delete them individually through the Photos app.

Step 1. Launch your favourite photo-editing software.

Step 2. Pick New Smart Album from the File menu.

Step 3. Select “New” to open a blank box where you can give your Smart Album a title and specify filter options.

Step 4. Simply right-click on any of the chosen images and select the Delete X Photos option to erase them.

Step 5. Choose the Delete button and make sure you want to get rid of that.

Step 6. To permanently erase everything, go to the app’s sidebar and select Recently Deleted > Delete All.

In Photos, Apple just included a new Duplicates option in macOS Ventura. There is now a simple method for erasing multiple copies of media files from a collection. All of your duplicate media files will be collected in a new album labelled “Duplicates” in the sidebar. Photos may need some time to scan and analyse your photo bank, so if you can’t find it right away, please be patient.

Delete identical images from your Mac’s Photos library by following these steps:

Step 1. A new tab labelled “Duplicates” will appear on the sidebar.

Step 2. Pick the duplicate images or clips that you want to combine.

Step 3. Simply select X items to merge and hit the Merge button.

Find and Delete Duplicate Photographs on Your Mac Utilising Finder’s Built-in Functionality.

You can accomplish everything with just the help of the New Smart Folder. What you need to do is as follows:

Step 1. To create a new smart folder in Finder, select File > New Smart Folder.

Step 2. To add more results to your search, click the plus sign.

Step 3. Choose Category from the first menu and then Image from the second.

Step 4. Arrange the list’s files in alphabetical order. Photos that are duplicates should be placed next to each other and given the same name.

Step 5. Drag the unwanted files you’ve chosen to the trash can.

Step 6. Get rid of your trash.

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You’ve just learned where to look for duplicate images on a Mac and how to get rid of them. The manual process is laborious. Instead of doing it manually, you should utilise BuhoCleaner.

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