How To Delete Recordings on YouTube TV?

Although there is no actual way to erase recordings, YouTube TV members can remove them from their library. This may appear counterintuitive, but it’s the current state of YouTube TV’s cloud DVR.

Numerous live TV streaming options are available to consumers. Due to the similar pricing of fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV’s respective base packages, this may not always be the best criterion for selecting a provider.

Here’s when things like extra features and user feedback might come in and aid in making a choice. An example would be the fact that you can easily record shows on YouTube TV.

How To Delete Recordings on YouTube TV

Simply said, YouTube TV offers one of the best cloud DVR experiences around, with the opportunity to record an infinite amount of films and have recordings segregated into each family member’s account.

The infinite storage space of a cloud DVR comes with several unintended and even undesirable consequences. The method by which unwanted videos can be removed is one such example.

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A Recommendation for Removing Videos from YouTube TV

One kind of deletion is conceivable, while the other is not, therefore it’s crucial to distinguish between them right off the bat. YouTube TV essentially lets users delete and cancel recordings they have planned themselves.

Future recordings, in other words. However, once a show or movie has been recorded and added to the library, it cannot be removed without starting over. This holds true regardless of interest in the previously recorded videos.

Taking Down a Recording Via the Site:

Step 1. Check out YouTube TV.

Step 2. Required Registration

Step 3. To access the Library, select the corresponding menu item.

Step 4. Identify the media file that has to be removed.

Step 5. To view the TV show or movie page, click here.

Step 6. To delete from your library, select the checkbox next to its name.

The app’s delete procedure is as follows:

Launch the YouTube TV Software.

Step 1. Select the Library tab.

Step 2. Find the programme or movie that you want to remove.

Step 3. A show or movie’s page will load when you tap.

Step 4. Simply detach it from your collection by tapping the X.

Step 5. Users can also access their recorded content by searching for a specific programme or film on the YouTube TV website or through one of the platform’s mobile apps, and then clicking or tapping the Step 6. “Added to library” (check mark) button. This, once again, does not effect already recorded videos but only those that are yet to be recorded.

The Inability to Remove Recorded Lectures and Why

To be clear, YouTube TV’s cloud DVR is designed to prevent accidental deletion of recorded content. Just to be clear, the number of shows that can be stored in YouTube TV’s cloud DVR is not truly endless. The service has restrictions on how long the recordings can be kept.

To put it simply, your YouTube TV recordings will only be kept for a maximum of nine months. However, unlike with some other providers, there is no way to keep recordings forever with YouTube TV’s cloud DVR.

Also, the user doesn’t have to worry about accidentally leaving a video online because they’ll all be deleted after 9 months. When the time comes, the recorded movies and TV episodes will just stop working.

Because YouTube TV assumes that the subscriber has no need to manage their recordings, the service has never included a way for the user to erase recordings manually.

There is presently no sign that YouTube TV plans to include manual removals in the future, despite the fact that many subscribers will likely disagree and prefer an option to manually delete recordings from their collection.

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Final Words

YouTube TV customers can erase scheduled but unrecorded recordings from their library. Accessing the website for any show or movie and selecting the “Added to library” button will give you the opportunity to remove these recordings from your calendar.

There is currently no way to remove previously recorded content from the library. Instead, customers must wait until the recordings have been removed from storage.

There is currently no indication that YouTube TV will provide the ability to delete recordings in the future.