How to Write A Poem

Poems can be a bit daunting to write if you do not have the inspiration. Now inspiration can be gained from anything and everything.

If you do not know where to start writing your poems then we might be able to help you. This is a process that will have you writing the best poems in no time. So without any further ado let’s get started.

How To Write a Poem?

The question can be subjected to a lot of debate but we are giving you the best version that we know of. So no need to panic. Grab a cup of coffee and go over all the steps. By the time you are done, you will know how to write a poem.

Step 1 – Starting the poem

This is the first step of the poem writing process. Many people obsess over the beginning but it is no big deal. Have a look at the steps in order to do so.

Do writing exercises

This can seem a little silly but it is important. You can get inspiration and that might be stuck in your head. Try writing them out even if they have no connection or sense. This might help you mould your thoughts into an image. And then you can construct your poem after this. Trust us that this helps in the process a lot.

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Do not obsess over your first line

Do not obsess over the first line of the poem. This is just a part of the poem. If you think that this holds some special importance in your piece then you are wrong. It is a mistake that a lot of people make thinking that this is the most important part of the poem. It is not.

It is just a component. If you are not able to settle on the first line of the poem then you can come back to it later to. Just because it is the first line doesn’t mean that you have to write it at first too.

Get inspiration from others around you

Just like we said in the beginning. Inspiration is all around you, you just need to open your eyes and look. It takes a great way of thinking to write a good poem. So look around you.

Even a rusty old gate can inspire a poet so keep your eyes open and carry a notebook around with you so that you can jot down the ideas that you get.

Pick a specific theme or idea

You can pick any specific theme or idea that you can find. This can be anything that you like. Picking a specific theme or idea of the poem can help you shape your poem better with a particular goal in mind.

The images and description that you have in your head according to the theme you chose is going to be very useful. If you are specific about the theme of the poem then the readers will also find your poem less vague and they will be able to understand the emotions better.

Choose a poetic form

Did not think that a poetic form was important? Well, it is important. There are different poetic forms that you can use from free verse to a sonnet or a couplet. Throughout the history of poems these poetic form has been developed.

The free verse is easy to use. The sonnet can be a bit challenging to use. You can pick one according to your preference. Choosing a poetic form will give structure to your poem which is once again welcomed by the readers.

Even if you are not aware of a lot of poetic forms, it is okay to just go for the one you know about.

Read examples of poetry

Well, you need to read poetry to write poetry. There is no denying that there are some great works of the poem in the history of literature. They can work as an extremely great and important source of information for you.

You can read a variety of poetry but try to focus on the ones that are more closer to the poetic form and theme that you are focusing on. The amount of poetry that you can find online is baffling. It is like a sea out there.

Listen to live poetry recitations

If you do not want to read too much poetry then you can just listen to the live poetry recitation. There are many options out there Where you can get the live poetry recitation.

Even if you can’t catch the live poetry recitation, you can listen to the pre-recorded ones. That will also work just fine. Listening to poetry gives a different sense of the subject. This will help in the process of writing a poem too.

Step 2 – Writing the poem

Next comes the part where you actually write the poem. This is the main part of the process and can be a bit long. But that makes total sense since this article is about writing a poem. So let’s see what steps this can hold.

Embrace tools

You need the vocabulary to write a poem. It’s okay if you do not find a lot of words to write your poem. It is a learning process. You do not have to fret about the vocabulary.

Normalize the use of tools like a thesaurus and rhyming dictionary for writing the poem. Many professional writers also use these tools and it is perfectly okay. If you don’t know the meaning of a word then you look it up first.

That will be helpful to both you and the readers. Synonyms can also be used in your poem with the help of the thesaurus.

Use concrete imagery

Avoid abstract imagery. This can once again cause confusion among the people. So you need to use concrete imagery of the people and places and things in your poem. Try to describe whatever into your poem with the 5 senses – smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound. This will make the readers visualize the scene of your poem while they read it. This will be very good once you get a hold of it.

Include literary devices

There are several literally devices that you can use while you are writing the poetry. Literacy devices like simile and metaphor are common to be used in a poem. This can be a great way of adding depth to your poem. Try to research a lot of literary devices that you might not know if.

These can be helpful to you in the future too. The literary devices can help you get a more detailed image to the reader. The literary devices are plentiful and each have a different way of defining things.

Write for the ear

Poetry is needed to be made so that it can be read out loud so you need to write it in such a manner that it will sound good to the listener. So try to figure out how it will be when they read out your poetry aloud.

If you write for the poem to be heard then you will see that the structure and the sounding words used in the poem will turn out to be quite good. Each line has to be harmonious with the others so that the readers and listeners can see the connection and transition to the poem.

Try telling a story with your poem

Of course, this is known to all but we will just list it for those people who do not know. You can be vague with your poem but many people like to hear a story in the form of a poem too. Throughout history, there are several narrative poems that have been written that tell a beautiful story to the reader.

If you are going for the narrative style and form of poetry then you can research some of the same poems. It will help you out in the ordeal.

Express big ideas

A poem can be light or it can have greater meaning within the lines that expresses some of the biggest ideas to mankind. Lyrical poems are the best way to do it but you can choose the form of any kind that you want.

Big ideas like political and philosophical concepts can be conveyed through the poem. You can just use a few words to express all the ideas. It’s really amazing how you can express so much in just a few words. The art of poetry is truly amazing.

Paint with words

If while reading your poem a person can not imagine what is happening in the poem then your poem is said to be lacking in some sections. With the use of language and words, a poet can paint a very beautiful picture.

Like we stated earlier the 5 sense of humans comes into play again. This gives a greater depth to the poem that you create and more people will relate to and love it. So try to use that in your favor and created a wonderful picturesque image with the use of words. It so fascinating that words can do so much, isn’t it?

Avoid cliché

Your poetry is going to be much more reliable and praised if you avoid cliché. Some phrases have been used so much in poetry that they have literally lost all meaning to them. So you need to steer clear from them.

Try to be creative and describe things in your own way. The image that you draw in this way will be unique and hold a lot of value.

Step 3 – Publishing the poem

The poem is done now so this is the last part of the poem writing process. This will help you polish off the poem. The process has been long and tiring but you can not ignore the last step in the entire process. It is important that you do so.

Read it out loud

Once again the poem is made to be read out loud or recited. So once you have completed writing the poem, you need to read it out loud to see how that feels to you. Now do not be disheartened if it does not sound that good to you.

You can just re-write it or make a few changes in places where it is not sounding good. These stuff happens while writing a poem and that is why we have the final step.

Get feedback from others

Get feedback from trustworthy people. You can show your poem or poems to someone who is close to you and is going to give you a good opinion about the poem. Constructive criticism is important in everything. It is the same with the poem too.

Make sure that you are showing your poems to someone you trust only. Do not go around showing it to untrusted people. That might not just end well on your behalf. In this world of stolen ideas it is always wise to stay careful.

Revise the poem

This is the last step of the process. Once you have got the feedback from the source then you need to implement those changes. Otherwise, there was no point in getting through the trouble of getting the feedback. So finally revise your poem and you will be good to go.

Make sure that everything is in place. Every line and everything should be perfect and as you want to be.

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We hope that this article has been useful for you. We have tried our best to define the process however we can. So try to look at all the steps. You should be patient while writing a poem. You have read this entire article.

This might have taken you quite some time so have that  same patience while writing the poem too. Thank you so much for giving this article a read. Have a great day guys! We are sure you will write wonderful poems.