New Orleans-Area Tornado That Left Path of Destruction

the city of ARABI, La., One person was killed and at least one injured as a powerful tornado tore through St. Bernard Parish on Tuesday night, just east of New Orleans.

Storms across the South had been on the rise since Monday, when there had been a string of tornadoes in Texas.

New Orleans-Area Tornado That Left Path of Destruction

According to John Lane, a spokesman for St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis, first responders found a 26-year-old man dead outside his home in Arabic, La., around 10 p.m. local time.

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The Hospitalization of a Few Residents

Lane told the Washington Post early Wednesday that other residents had been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Officials are still trying to figure out how many people have been displaced or injured and the extent of the damage.

And St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis said in an interview that “we don’t know how many and we don’t know the severity of the injuries.”

Sheriff James Pohlmann of St. Bernard Parish said, “There are houses that have gone missing. In the middle of the street, “one landed.”

Aaron Ledet, 44, went to the bathroom when he heard the wind. In the end, he said, “I just prayed with my family in the bathtub.”

Upon his return to the street after the winds had died down, he discovered yet another house that had been blown into the middle of the road.

While serving in the Navy, Ledet performed search and rescue duties, including assisting in the rescue of a young girl whose oxygen tank had malfunctioned.

When it comes to Tuesday night, St. Bernard Parish was no exception. After Hurricane Katrina flooded every house in the parish in 2005 and neighbours came together to help each other.

This time in the dark, with fallen trees, live power lines, and the stench of gas from damaged gas lines, they all pitched in.

“We have a long road ahead of us with this recovery,” McInnis of St. Bernard Parish said during a news conference late Tuesday night.

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Tuesday night, a powerful tornado tore through New Orleans and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Leaving a path of destruction in its wake, flipping cars and dropping an entire house on its roof, killing one and injuring many more.

The Arabi region, a New Orleans suburb, was struck by a huge, multi-vortex tornado. Then it crossed the Mississippi River and entered the Lower 9th Ward.

And parts of St. Bernard Parish, both of which were devastated by Hurricane Katrina 17 years earlier, as it proceeded eastward.