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When it Comes to Disability Recommendations, One Size Does Not Fit All

The following article is an opinion piece which was published in the New York Times on July 4th, 2021. The author is Mr. David Axelrod, the senior strategist for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.

“My daughter, Lauren, turned 40 last month. She is happy and healthy. And that is nothing short of a miracle.

From the moment my wife, Susan, found Lauren blue and limp in her crib at the age of 7 months — the consequence, we later would learn, of epileptic seizures she suffered in the night — Lauren’s life has been a struggle.

When it Comes to Disability Recommendations, One Size Does Not Fit All

Some may thrive in small homes or apartments in residential neighborhoods. Lauren has that option through Misericordia but prefers the socialization of her dormlike setting and the constant stimulation of campus life.

But rather than ensuring a full range of high-quality residential options for people with disabilities to fit their individual needs and circumstances, the prevailing view of many policymakers is to compile a one-size-fits-all answer.

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Measurement of the Performance of Students

The measurement of performance of students with disability for accountability purposes is an issue that has raised many questions and a number of publications in US.

Where various consequence of the NCLB policy have been studied and discussed (West 2002, Pullin 2005, Katsiyannis, Zhang, Ryan, & Jones, 2007, Nagle, McLaughlin, Nolet & Malmgren, 2007a, 2007b, Hardman & Dawson, 2008.

The policies were different and they had also gradually changed as a consequence of several kinds of critical arguments.

This praxis has been criticized because it could send the message that the achievements of certain students do not count.

On the other side, to be subjected to the same assessment as all other students may violate the right of the student with disability to get an adapted assessment that fully take account of its needs (West 2002, Pullin, 2005.

Several states have introduced in their accountability system subgroups, that have specific targets to be reached, and whose results have to be reported separately.

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