9 Best KickassTorrents Alternatives in 2022

It’s not like we’ve never had to deal with a torrent. Every day, millions of people follow this practise. To put it simply, a torrent is a tool that aids in the transfer of files.

P2P networks can be established by treating each user as an own server. As a result, our day-to-day activities are made simpler. Movies and video games are the most common types of files downloaded via Torrent.

Uploading or downloading copyrighted material via a torrent, while legal, is not. Pornography and its consequences on youngsters are also a factor in limiting access to Torrents.


It is now one of the most popular Torrent Sites since it provides us with an abundance of content variety. There are fewer buttons to click.

New users are usually drawn in by the app’s attractive design. KickassTorrents like many other torrent sites, is now in risk of being shut down. This means that if you find yourself becoming overly reliant on KAT, you need to start looking for alternatives right once.

Alternatives to the Infamous KickassTorrents

Here are the top nine best alternatives to KickassTorrents that are currently working:

1. The BitTorrent 

Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known websites on the internet. Torrents are listed on the website. Since its inception, the Pirate Bay has been well praised.

Most of the time, it deals with media and software files. The website has a lot of information. It includes a film, a music game, and other software. It has a lot of connections and files to other websites. Using Pirate Bay, however, comes with the danger of service interruptions.

However, pirate bay is still the most popular torrent site in the world today. Ad irritation is rated at 2, and there are 25 million monthly visitors.

2. 1337x

One more great source for downloading torrents. Unquestionably a market favourite. It is a torrent tracker website that may be used for anything.

The website is a popular alternative to the notorious KickassTorrents tracker.. The interface is easy to use, and all of the elements work together. This site’s presentation is also superior than that of other websites.

It has a wide range of genres covered in terms of substance. They have a wide range of content from old and fresh to popular. Also, it provides the best browsing and search tools available.

Everything about it is fascinating and appealing. The ad annoyance is rated at six, and 70 million people visit the site each month.

3. Zooqle

Zooqle does not have a large following online. In 2018, it was first released. It has been able to keep expanding at a high rate. The UI is a lot more up-to-date. It’s quite user-friendly.

In the end, it comes down to the torrent files. More than 4 million torrents are available on Zooqle. It has a wide range of useful information. Every day, fresh files are being added.

As a result, other websites’ content can be readily ruled out. Translation services are accessible in a wide range of languages. Ad irritation is rated at 1, and there are 8 million monthly visitors.


2008 was the year RARBG.com was launched. It’s not as well-known as some of the other options. As a result, it’s a viable choice. BitTorrent is the protocol of choice for the website. This site offers files and magnet links, and the organisation and classification of all files are first-rate.

This is where you’ll find the most-watched and well-liked material, like popular TV shows. However, in nations like Portugal, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, it remains inaccessible. Users, on the other hand, can connect to the website via VPN.

57 million people visit the site each month, and the ad annoyance level is 6.

5. iDope

The icon’s resemblance to KickassTorrents is immediately apparent to anyone who looks at it.. As a matter of fact, a subheading under the icon read, “A dedication to KickassTorrents.”

As a result, our list would not be complete without this option. When it comes to the features, the content is fantastic. There’s something here for everyone because it draws from a wide range of sources.

It also features a great download feature that gets a lot of attention. In addition, there are no issues with the user interface. As a result, you may find our website to be an excellent substitute for KickassTorrents.

Ad irritation is rated a 4, and the number of monthly visitors is estimated at 1.4 million.

6. Torrents of Lime

Adding to the list is another another excellent choice. Another well-known torrent website is Limetorrents. In many cases, it is the best option. This website attracts a considerable number of younger visitors.

It’s a lot easier to use than many other sites, and it’s very much like KickassTorrents. As a result, the user experiences far less challenges. The website also has music, games, animations, and stories of adventure and humour. It is, in fact, one of the most secure options.

Some nations have banned access, yet despite this, the monthly visits are estimated at 17 million, with an ad annoyance of 2.

7. Added BitTorrents

Many other websites are going down, and this one is a nice replacement. It has a huge library of films, TV series, video games, music, and other types of software.

There are a lot more websites out there, but this one’s flexibility and breadth of content far outweigh the competition. The UI, on the other hand, is a breeze to use.

Much of the work is made easier by this basic method. It’s delightful to touch, and it’s visually appealing as well. As a result, this is a viable Kickass substitute. Ad irritation is rated at three, and the site receives 710,000 monthly visits.

8. Torlock

It’s not the most popular website on the market, but it’s still a good one. However, it’s one of the more recently launched sites that is gradually gaining traction.

A search function is available on the website. This site has a wide variety of high-quality stuff. The index and search features are excellent, and the table of contents is unsurpassed.

While not as well-known as others, this one is nonetheless a viable option on the market. The ad annoyance is rated at 8 and the monthly visitors are estimated at 3 million.

9. Torrentz

Torrentz2 should be known to everyone who attends regularly. Meta-torrent tracker functionality is provided by the site. A collection of diverse torrent files, including popular movies, television series, eBooks and more.

A lot more user-friendly than the previous Torrentz website. There are an estimated 20 million visitors to the site each month, with an ad annoyance level of 2.


We’ve compiled a comprehensive selection of entertaining alternatives for you to choose from. Continue to download your favourite material while using these terrific substitutes.