The Charmed Life of Bruce Bozzi

It dawned on Mr. Bozzi the more he considered it how much of his sense of self was shaped by the opinions and actions of others.

At the Palm, he was known as “the son of.” After tying the knot with Hollywood heavy hitter Bryan Lourd in 2016, Mr. Bozzi now holds the title of “the husband of.”

For nearly 30 years, Mr. Bozzi has been described in celebrity tabloids as “the best friend of” Andy Cohen, the outspoken media figure. (Yes, they have been guests aboard Mr. Diller’s yacht.)

The Charmed Life of Bruce Bozzi

Sarah Jessica Parker, who has known Mr. Bozzi since the 1990s and has said, “These relationships are really important to Bruce,” echoes this sentiment.

However, “I think he wants to be his own person and be acknowledged as his own man” because “so much of his Palm life was about others — everybody else, everybody else.”

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Charmed Bruce Bozzi

Since the 1990s, Sarah Jessica Parker has been a close friend of Bruce Bozzi, and she has said, “These relationships are incredibly essential to Bruce.”

“I think he’d like to be his own person and to be perceived as his own person,” says Palm, “since he’s spent so much of his life focused on others.”

Mr. Bozzi thought about opening his own restaurant, maybe even a speakeasy like the Palm’s first location.

After carefully researching the market, he decided against buying a home in New York City’s theatrical district.

That’s why I still have too many wounds from the other,” he said. They are Beverly Hills residents with their 14-year-old daughter and husband.

In a soft voice, Mr. Bozzi expressed his desire to not be an absent father. My father was never around when I was growing up. Instead, he plans to amass wealth and fame as a brewer and podcast host.

Bruce Bozzi Prior Life

Mr. Bozzi spent 35 years at the Palm Restaurant Group, rising to executive vice president before taking over operations at the group’s posh Beverly Hills outpost.

In the past, he handled Palm locations in New York City, East Hampton, and Washington, where he became acquainted with the A-list elite.

He once cooked Palm Shrimp Bruno with Al Roker on Today and oversaw a rebranding of the Palm restaurant chain.

Which made him a celebrity chef. (Ta-da!) It was under the name PalmStkMan that he posted to Instagram.

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In the month of November, Bozzi and his pal Sondra Baker began selling Mujen Spirits. These products are all about Japanese shochu, which is a rice-based liquor that is tasteless and odourless.

Fortuitously, Mujen co-founder Karen Baker’s husband, Kenneth Orkin, is also an entrepreneur and investor.

While hosting CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” on December 31st, Mr. Cohen and Anderson Cooper imbibed in Mujen..