The Night House Review: Rebecca Hall Is Tremendous In A Seriously Scary Look At Grief And Death

When we die, what happens to us? The truth will always elude us since no one who knows directly and definitively is in a position to pass it on.

Like everything that’s out of the ordinary, it’s nerve-wracking. We’ll all be able to reveal the secret of death at some point.

But there’s a part of us that’s always scared of what’s to come – whether it’s tremendous something or big nothing.

The Night House Review: Rebecca Hall Is Tremendous In A Seriously Scary Look At Grief And Death

Every ghost story has an existential terror at its core, but in the face of this ubiquity, it is always fascinating to witness a film that explores a new angle on this topic and offers something new to the table.

The Night House is David Bruckner’s greatest achievement. The film has a lot to say about mourning and the nature of death.

And it’s as intellectually fulfilling as it is nerve-wracking thanks to Rebecca Hall’s outstanding performance, as well as some remarkable production design and photography.

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The Night House Review Mourning Becomes Her

It’s always fascinating to see an original take on death and rebirth emerge in the horror genre, but every ghost story contains it. Because of this, David Bruckner’s The Night House is a work of art.

Additionally, the film has a wonderful production design and cinematography, a gripping story with a fatal ending, and a lot to say on the loss and death of loved ones.

Beth (Rebecca Hall) is a high school teacher struggling with the death of her husband Owen in Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski’s The Night House (Evan Jonigkeit).

After the loss of her husband, she tries to maintain a positive outlook on life by attending work and being open with her co-workers, while drinking to deal with her grief and living in the lake house Owen built for them.

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With a star-studded cast including Rebecca Hall, the film launched to widespread praise. Things aren’t quite what they appear to be in “The Night House,” a film about a woman’s grief after the loss of her spouse.

Instead of adhering to a specific genre formula, director David Bruckner’s vision for this picture is more of a wild mash-up of several different subgenres.

There are many unanswered questions in this convoluted story, and we are here to help you sort them out.