48 Mountains That Held My Grief

As I neared the summit of Mount Pierce in northern New Hampshire on the first day of the year 2020, I could feel my anxiousness rising.

The wind had picked up and visibility had dropped to almost zero at an altitude of around 4,300 feet.

There were just two women ahead of me, and they were both zipping up their coats as I neared them. The room fell silent for a long time.

48 Mountains That Held My Grief

As we continued to talk, the elderly woman revealed to me that she had also recently lost her sister. I used to believe that it was because of my son that we were all here now.

We became friends via our mutual love of storytelling, and they truly understood me, which was an uncommon occurrence for me at the time.

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His Breakdown Due to the Death of His Son

My late son Ben, who was 23 years old when he died, was happiest when he was out in nature.

The roar of rivers and streams, the wide-open grandeur of the New Hampshire mountaintops where he spent his formative years, have brought me comfort as I grapple with his unfathomable loss.

Mental and physical health deteriorated, causing me to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

Tiredness and lack of energy led me to a daily routine: wake up, leave the house for work and come back home and go to sleep.

He Invited to The Trek Mount

An old buddy of mine invited me to trek Mount Major, a modest but well-known peak on the fringes of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, in April of 2016.

I felt like I had just run a marathon as we made our way up that 1,785-foot mountain. A cramp had formed in my side, and the lactic acid in my legs was burning like hell.

That Memorial Day weekend, I chose to climb Lafayette and Mount Lincoln. These two are the most popular of New Hampshire’s 48 4,000-foot peaks.

As the third-tallest mountain in New Hampshire, Mount Jefferson is nestled between Mount Adams and Mount Washington, I decided to climb it as my 48th summit.

After reaching the summit’s marker, I was disappointed to see that the view was somewhat limited.

Wind whipped my raincoat as it draped off my body, whipping away at the dense fog that had enveloped me the entire ascent up the mountain.

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Being the first novel written by a young author, John often muses over the possibility of writing about his next experience for the benefit of everybody. He and his family are still based in Santa Clarita, California, where he grew up.