Couple Murders 2 Women Who Gave Them Shelter, Claiming, ‘We Didn’t Have Any Other Choice’

A caring and supportive spouse is what Kandis R. Majors and Terri Ann Seibeck both discovered in one another.

The two West Frankfort, Illinois mothers who were raising their children alone had a tough upbringing.

When Kandis entered a room, everyone immediately noticed her stunning grin. Many things were going in her favour.

Couple Murders 2 Women Who Gave Them Shelter, Claiming, 'We Didn’t Have Any Other Choice'

Cindy Marlow, Majors’ mother, appeared on the Sunday, 6/5c episode of “Snapped: Killer Couples” on Oxygen to discuss her son. Still, Majors faced adversity.

Majors met Seibeck, who had been through a lot of the same things she had been through, in an effort to change her own life. Like him, she was an orphan with no support system and had to learn to fend for herself.

A mutual acquaintance, Jessi Hurley, explained to “Killer Couples” that “I think they needed each other mainly.

Because they had issues with former drug addictions, trauma, they both wanted to get on a better path and do good for their kids.”

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The Cause of Death for Kandis Majors and Terri Seibeck

Born in Mount Carmel, Illinois, 28-year-old Kandis Rechelle Majors was a native Chicagoan. In 2003, she earned a cosmetology degree from Illinois’ John A. Logan Community College.

The incident occurred while Kandis was a student at Rend Lake College in Ina, where she was training to become an x-ray technician.

Also, Kandis had a son. She shared a home with 32-year-old mother of two Terri Ann Seibeck.

Terri’s friends and family have said she is a dedicated worker who always has a friendly smile on her face.

They were both wonderful people who never turned away anyone in need of assistance or a place to stay. That is precisely what they had been doing in the days and weeks preceding their deaths.

Who Shot Terri Seibeck and Kandis Majors?

Evidence uncovered throughout the investigation pointed to the fact that Kandis and Terri had allowed another couple to share their home for a period of time just before the murders.

Afton Ferris, 19, and Michael Schallert, 29, were formerly homeless before moving in with Kandis and Terri.

But things weren’t peachy since Kandis and Terri had caught the couple stealing from them.

So they had to throw them out of the house. After their confessions, police in Fort Collins, Colorado, arrested Afton and Michael for the murders.

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In the double homicide that occurred in West Frankfort in 2009, a jury has found a 21-year-old woman guilty.

Afton Ferris was convicted of murder, home invasion, and armed robbery by the jury. She entered a not guilty plea.

At October 2009, two people, Kandis Majors and Terri Seibeck, were murdered in their house in West Frankfort.

Eyewitnesses say that Ferris was crying as she left the courthouse. Reports from witnesses indicate that some jurors shed tears with the victims’ loved ones as the verdict was read.