Will There be a Season 5 of “On My Block”

This brilliant series, like all good things, must come to an end. Netflix has said publicly that the series finale of On My Block will occur after season 4.

As viewers check in to see the series’ final episodes, the cast has been posting emotional farewells on social media.

Although we won’t be able to hang out with our favourite gang, that doesn’t mean we’re leaving Freeridge forever.

Will There be a Season5 of "On My Block"

A bunch of newcomers peeking into the backyard in the final minutes of the series finale may have been our first look at Freeridge, the On My Block sequel series originally revealed by Netflix.

According to Netflix’s press release, the new show will focus more on female characters and will follow a new Core Four who live in town.

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Will There be Season 5 of On My Block?

I’m afraid not. Season 5 of On My Block has been cancelled, making Season 4 (which originally aired in 2021) the series’ final instalment.

A Season Five of On My Block Was Abruptly Cancelled

A roller coaster ride they were all four seasons. The series concluded as promised, never to be continued.

All questions were answered at the Season 4 conclusion, and there was no room for further investigation in a subsequent season.

Possible explanation for the lack of a Season 5 of On My Block. Even on its social media handles, the show’s final episode was a bittersweet farewell.

Fans were disappointed because they didn’t want to see the show lose its nostalgic touch of real relatable friendships, and with good reason.

The show has been consistently releasing new seasons since 2018, earning an insane IMDB rating of 8/10 in the process that demonstrates how high the Spanish industry has set the bar.

But they didn’t know that other ideas were in the works, which is another possible explanation for why there was never an On My Block Season 5.

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The simplicity of the teen drama series “On My Block” has made it an Internet sensation. Four seasons of the show’s content have left fans wondering when they may get their hands on On My Block Season 5.

The reason for this is that fictional characters are just as real as we are, and not the stereotypical high school students we might expect them to be.

They have nice apologies for fighting and stay linked despite cool crushes, fangirl moments, and maddening fights.