9 Best Smartwatch Apps You Should Try Out

Smartwatches are becoming an essential part of our day-to-day lives, so developers are looking for the best options to make them more useful by making new wearable apps.

There are lot many options available for you while using a Smartwatch such as that you can monitor and keep a check on your health, you can do your payments, set the alarms and you can also explore the maps.

Smartwatches are quite popular due to its well-designed and easy-to-use features. Many people also are preferring smartwatches over smartphones. Smartwatches save your time as there would be no difficulty for you to take it out from your pocket or purse like the phones.

9 Best Smartwatch Apps You Should Try Out

So, you can easily check the time, get updates about the weather or can change the music. This device will make you love it more for such wonderful applications.

The Smartwatch Apps that you must try:

1. Google Maps

Google Maps applications are quite useful for everyone as it helps you to navigate your paths from the place of your journey i.e. source to your destination. You just need to order your Google Assistant and it will help you in all the possible ways.

The voice commands and the navigation UI are really helpful for one. It is simply designed yet so much useful for you to keep on your wrist.

2. Google Translate

Google Translate is very useful for you if you are in some foreign country and your mother tongue language does not work there. You can easily say in your mother tongue to your watch and it will easily translate it to the required foreign language.

So, you will not be required to depend on someone for you to speak, the watch in your wrist will make your work easier and faster.

3. Google Pay

You can easily pay with Google Pay and keep this app in your Smartwatch, and you won’t regret about it. You can pay for your tickets, food, drink and that also completely hassle free with just a click and for that you don’t need to use your phone, wallet or purse.

It easy to set up and works quite fast. New version of it has many options such as that you can send money or request for it through the Send tab and you can split your bill among only five persons by just tapping on your purchased thing.

The Passes tab allows you to store your loyalty cards, tickets, boarding passes and also helps to manage the cards saved to your Google account.

4. Calm

From the daily hassle in your life, if you need some space to keep your health well, then Calm is really an apt app for you. It provides you with guided meditation, breathing exercises and relaxing music.

All these provides peace to you at the end of a tiresome day. This Wear OS application gives all the information regarding your health statistics and also has a nice feature that it makes you start your sessions of meditation without letting you to go through your smartphone. It also put the notifications away so that you are not distracted.

5. Strava

Strava is a really good app for fitness tracking in your smartwatch. It has a feature which permits you to record your sessions of running, biking and swimming. It uses the LTE connection of your watch and also uses the built-in GPS to give you the required metrics of your fitness.

6. Facer

Facer provides a lot of many third-party watch faces that will fit easily on your watch’s display and it should also support your watch’s wear OS.

You need to just download this application on your smartphone and then you can select from the wide range of collection of customised watches that are available for free or the paid ones that are getting developed more and more.


IFTTT is such an app that allows you to develop your own apps such as linking two apps for creating an action. You need not think about it much or depend on app developers for your required app as you can make one for yourself.

For example, you can command the app to send all the photos taken by you to your smartphone directly.

8. Shazam

If you want to identify and listen to a song then why you need to have your smartphone, you have Shazam app for this purpose in your smartwatch.

Shazam supports Wear OS completely. You just need to click on the Shazam to listen to the songs and get all the lyrics of it clearly, so that you will not miss any beat of the song. It is quite fast to use also.

9. Wear Audio Recorder

It happens often that you need to keep a track of your conversations or have a recording of your own verbal notes, then you think of using your smartphone but your job is made easier, as it is available now on your smartwatch in the form of this app Wear Audio Recorder.

This app will help you a lot as it records and saves all the audio messages which might be required by you later on. It’s a very simple tool but is very essential for many of us.


These apps make your smartwatch smarter and handy to use. You can easily rely on them without even using your smartphone. You have so many options among them and these apps also have a variety of features that are not common for a smartphone.

So many newly developed and advanced versions of these apps are also available. All these apps get supported in your smartwatch as they have Wear OS. They become an important part of our lives while doing any work as they help us a lot in many ways.

We all prefer to wear a smartwatch with these apps while traveling, going to work, setting reminders, entertainment, and many more things.