ASVAB Test, Free Practice Tests, ASVAB Score Guide and Strategy

ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Amplitude Battery; it is the exam you need to clear to be a part of the US military. ASVAB Test is developed and maintained by the Department of Defence. This exam is conducted at over 14000 schools and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) all over the country. ASVBP is a timed test which has questions from four critical areas-Arithmetic Reasoning, Knowledge of Words, Paragraph Comprehension and the Knowledge of Mathematics that is playing with numbers.

ASVAB Test, Free Practice Tests, Score Guide and Strategy

The scores of all these areas contribute towards the generation of your Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT) score. The AFQT score determines if you’re qualified enough to join the U.S. military. This score will finally learn the position you obtain in the army and the starting signing bonus you would get. Your position and bonus are directly proportional to your AFQT score.

To increase your score, you need to work hard and practice harder. Practice tests are essential in improving your prospects.

How ASVAB Practice Tests Can Boost Your Score

There are quite a few reasons as to why should someone take a practice test. The primary goal is that you get an idea of the kind of question paper you would get in the actual ASVAB Test. You should always attempt practice tests so that you are adequately prepared for your ASVAB Test. One is always advised to try a few practice tests before going for the final ASVAB Test.

One of the common reasons to attempt practice tests is that the questions which come in the ASVAB test have the same thinking behind them as the questions in an ASVAB Test. These tests help you to build confidence and get an insight into the real test. There are also times when a specific question of a practice test,  without any changes, is asked in the analysis. These practice tests also help in quick thinking and decision making. Some other readings are also listed below:

1 – It Clears Concepts and Reduces Fear

A test is not something which you encounter every day. Whenever you take a test, you get goosebumps. Each and everyone test that you give has some importance which instils in you, the fear of failure. Giving practice tests clears certain concepts which you might not have looked into. It also terminates the fear of the test from your mind.

2 – It Helps In Improving Time-Management

While you are giving a test, it happens that you lose count of time. You get into the zone of the test and do not take care of time elapsed. There are also questions where you take a lot and are unable to complete the test on time. Attempting practise tests help you in maintaining time and completing the examination before time. These practice tests have the same time limit as in the real test, so they help you in the long run.

3 – Tells You Regarding The Basics of The Test

The habit of attempting tests evaporates as we get older. There are differences in the basics of different tests. Taking practice tests, make you aware of small details of the question paper, such as necessary instructions regarding time and compulsory and non-compulsory questions.

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ASVAB Practice Test Strategy

When you study for an examination, there is one essential saying, that is “Quality is better than Quantity”. Rather than studying for long hours, it is necessary to prepare correctly. Taking practice tests is very necessary as it makes you and evaluates your progress. Practice tests tell you where you should focus. After the end of the practice test, you must categorise the questions into a group such as those which went wrong, which took more time than usual and the ones which were guessed and came out to be right by chance.

These are the points which you should take care of while attempting the test:

1. You should attempt the practice test for the first time with no boundaries. You should not focus on time and should attempt the paper with a guide book. You should attempt to ask questions and apply all the logics, you know. You should also try to solve a particular question using more than one methods. So that during the examination you have the best method available that will give you the answer with maximum accuracy and in the least amount of time.

2. During the second attempt as well, you should have a guide book with you to assist you, but you should take care of the time boundaries and try to complete the paper within the given time circle.

3. You should attempt all other practice tests in an environment similar to that of the original test. You should be time-oriented, and all the study materials should be kept aside, and you study entirely focus on the paper. All distractions such as phones, tablets should be removed. You should sit on a chair with a table and create the atmosphere of the examination hall. You should try to get a silent room in order to attempt the test.

4. You should continue to give practice tests until the final examination day. Giving tests regularly puts you in a zone where you can feel the atmosphere of the examination around you all the time. In such a situation, you can narrow out the nervousness and think in a more precise way.

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Thus, it is always advisable to take practice tests before going to give the final ASVAB test as they would increase your confidence level and help you perform better. If all the above points are taken care of, then you can surely dream of achieving an excellent score in the ASVAB examination.