USPS Practice Test – Exam Fee and Registration

USPS stands for United States Postal Services. The Postal Service exam is a test that is administered and conducted by the US postal services. USPS Practice Test is of great help to those who want to secure a job at the entry-level position in the postal services.

USPS Test is a multiple-choice exam, given in four sections with several questions with a specified period allotted to each of the sections of questions. The time provided to each of the questions is as follows.

  1. Address Checking: 60 Questions in 11 minutes.
  2. Forms Completion: 30 questions in 15 minutes.
  3. Coding and Memory Coding: 36 questions in 6 minutes.
  4. Personal Inventory: 236 question in 90 minutes.

The personal inventory is given first online, at the computer system of your choice. If your score crosses a certain threshold to be satisfactory, you will be sent an invitation to take the other three sections at a specified testing faculty.

USPS Practice Test - Exam Fee and Registration

It is essential to know that some section of the question you answer contains a negative marking, that is you have to face the penalty for any wrong answer, so it is advisable not to answer a question until you are sure it is correct. Study the guidelines provided to know how much amount of penalty is provided behind every wrong answer before finally answering the questions.

USPS Practice Exam Fees

No money is charged for giving the USPS exam or to apply for a position with USPS. But be aware of the scams that may ask for a fee for taking this exam or for applying for a position in USPS. If possible, please report it to us as they are not legitimate.

Scoring Pattern in the USPS Practice Test

The marks you scored in the USPS Practice Test will be sent in an email to you immediately after completion of your test center exam part.  You must score between 70 and 100 to get on the Postal Exam to qualify in the second round of the hiring process. The functional scores generally fall in the area of the 80s and 90s.

A minimum of 70 will ensure your name on the list of the selected candidates. The USPS uses a last, called register, to evaluate the places of the candidates for the vacant positions.

When you prepare to try to set your target above 70 marks, a higher score will ensure your seat in the list of vacancies. The score that are good usually falls in the range of 80s and 90s. The list of so-called the register formed contains the name the names of the candidates in the descending order of their scores.

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So if you want to achieve a respective position in the test, make sure to have an excellent score.

Note that war and normal veterans will be given benefits an additional point boost of about 5 or 10 on their earned scored in the exam. There is a preferential status for disabled students in the selection process. The veteran’s access to the exam is not that open to the public. There are special provisions for families of deceased veterans.

The Importance of the USPS Practice Exam

USPS Practice Test is the application or a gateway for a USPS job. Your journey of landing on a USPS job will end if you are unable to score a minimum of 70 in the exam. The test is a mandatory condition and qualification which is to be met to get a position as USPS.

If you are unable to pass the test, you can surely re-take the test but after a waiting period of 120 days. So passing it in one go is a real time saver.

Time Allotted in the USPS Practice Test

The total time allotted to the online part of the USPS exam is 90 minutes. The protectoral version must be taken at an approved site, and the time limit for the same is 90 minutes, which may be given in online and can also be given in pencil and paper. Each part is allotted a specified amount of time.

If you finish a part early, it doesn’t mean you can go to the previous section and answer the previous questions. So use the time very wisely. The time allotted neither includes any section of registration or reading instruction. It the time allotted purely to solve the questions. All the administrative activities will be over before the clock for the exam starts.

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FAQ – USPS Practice Test

1 – What Are the Things I Can Carry for USPS Test?

On the day of the examination, you can bring along the following things:-

1. Valid Government issued Photo-ID proof.

2. Your Candidate ID.

3. Your login ID and password. (Obtained during your test registration process.)

2 – What Kind of Job To Expect After Usps Exam?

The United States Postal Services delivers the mail of all kinds across the United States and all around the world. There are many entry-level posts to which you can apply for being employed.

These include mail carrier, mail processing clerk, mail handler, and customer support. There are several higher posts of USPS, but they need one to pass additional examinations before getting employed.

3 – Eligibility Criteria

Your applying for the test; the applicant must have a look at the following terms and conditions if you qualify all the criteria for the post of employment.

  1. You need to be at least 16 years or 18 years old to be eligible to apply for the test.
  2. You must be a US citizen with a high school diploma degree.
  3. Speak and read English at the primary level.
  4. Be registered with a selective service test if you are above 18.
  5. Pass a drug screening test.
  6. Have a good driving record. ( USPS jobs require driving ).

The USPS will have your background if you have any criminal records. We will also screen your educational and military history. You may retake the test again but after a span of the gap of about 120 days.

The candidates with a re-test will have a lower priority of employability even if their score is higher than of a first-time candidate with a lower score than the latter. So try to crack the test itself in the first attempt.

4 – Average Wage of a USPS Employee

Typical Annual Salaries of a USPS employee ranges from about $48,000 for a mail career to over $69,000 for a postmaster. Years of experience and advanced degrees can increase these figures.

5 – Availability

The first step for accessing the USPS exam requires this USPS Practice Test. When your application is complete, you may be invited to take an online assessment, provided that the limit for such a test hasn’t been filled up before your application. You will be sent an email after finishing your application process that your invitation letter has been sent. If the message says that you are invited, then you need to wait for further emails.

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If you are successful and get selected, you will be invited for a proctored allotment test at a provided testing center. There is a time limit after registering and taking the USPS Practice Test after the invitation letter has been sent. You will be informed one week prior to the exam about the exam details, such as date place, time, and venue for the exam.