9 Best Animation Software for Students

There is a need for various software for running different programs and functions in the modern world of high technology. After that, almost everyone these days uses Animation software, to help make videos up to mark. Afterward, there is a lot of different Animation software available on the internet to make.

9 Best Animation Software

1. Autodesk Maya

This animation software is very easy to use for beginner to pro-level users. Similarly, if you are a student, you can avail of this for free. However, if you are a new user, then after a free trial period of few days, you can avail of this at a subscription cost of 122$ per month for a 3-year license. Further, Disney and other great channels use this software for high-quality animation.

Besides, many professional and expert animators use this software at the industry level. Afterward, using this very easy for beginners as well. Above all, different features in this help making animation in this software of higher quality. This animation software has been used to create a lot of animation movies as ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Monsters, Inc.’, and ‘Avatar’. One of the most popular choices of Disney animators is Autodesk Maya

2. Adobe Animate

Herein, you can easily create 2D animation and some basic vectors which are very interesting to watch. Also, you can use this software on all platforms. Above all, there are many shows and movies wherein Adobe Animate has been used to create different animations. Similarly, you can either use this at a subscription fee or purchase this forever.

And, shows such as ‘My Little Pony’ have been created using Adobe-Animate. For instance, you can also create a character or portrait on any other illustrator and animate it here. There are a lot of different animation styles and categories that you can apply to use this software. You can even use hand-down images and recreate them here by animating them.

3. Adobe Character Animator

For instance, you can use this animator for creating a variety of objects. Similarly, every platform is useful for Adobe Character Animator. Besides, this animator is especially for beginners. However, you can also add and make different animation characters using this animator tool. You can add up your voice or camera for creating the movements you need in the animation.

You can bring your imaginary character or hand-made character into play with this animator as this requires very little experience. After that, you can take the help of the camera to bring your character into action. For instance, when you shut your eyes, close your mouth, smile or get angry, the character does the same.

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4. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is software that lets you create 3D animation cartoons and movies with ease even if you are a beginner. Bringing in reality in the characters and images you use in this software is very easy. Also, creating animations with this software is also easy. Also, you can bring your creative skills and performance to action using Cinema 4D.

This software has been used to craft the entire animation of ‘Our Cartoon President’. Similarly, you can use this software whatever be your level. Above all, you can use this software for adding textures, lights, and different visuals. You can subscribe to this software only at the minimal subscription rate of 60$ per month. Further, customizing the features available in this software is easy for you to use in the longer run.

5. Toon Boom Harmony

Everyone and at every level can use this software according to their needs. Besides, all platforms are suitable for using Toon Boom Harmony. After that, various tools and features available in this give you an awesome animating experience throughout.

However, cartoons as ‘Sponge-Bob Square Pants’, ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Rick and Morty’ have been created using Toon Boom Harmony. Finally, you too can give yourself a try and will find this the best animator set everyone wishes for.

For instance, there are three different levels in this software wherein you can choose yours according to your animation needs and skills. These three levels charge a different subscription fee, the basic plan starting with 25$ per month. This software is very useful for the beginner as well as experienced ones as the different levels help you go higher and higher in the animation skills.

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6. Houdini

This software can perform well on all platforms. Similarly, creating different movements and shapes with Houdini is really easy and allows you to create effects of your choice. Also, you can even bring in realistic, dynamic, and visual effects to help create different animations. After that, some most popular films as ‘Frozen’ and ‘Zootopia’ have been created using this software. A variety of different features and tools make this animator really easy to use.

You can even give various real-life objects a vector and turn them into cartoon characters. There are different costs of the different kinds of levels of animation services that Houdini provides you with. Besides, refining and polishing the looks and movements of the final product of Houdini gives life and reality to the entire animation.

7. Pencil2D

This is a modern 2D animation software helping users to work the images and create vectors of their choice. For instance, this software is great to be used by beginners. Above all, you can bring in animations from real-life objects and examples as well.

You can add several features and tools to make your animation more avid and cool. For instance, the best part about this is that this is free for everyone. As this software is basically for beginners, using this is fairly easy and you can do different layering to it. However, animating on this platform is very easy and fun to use due to the features.

8. Blender

Blender is an amazing animator platform for a beginner to pro-level users. Similarly, as this is free and user-friendly software, everyone can use it as per the needs. For instance, just spreading a piece of cloth in the background is enough for animating the characters you wish to do. Besides, you can bring this software to use for creating 3D animated films and images.

Besides, you can opt for the features available here according to your needs as a beginner. The motion tracking option lets you have the kind of motion in the graphics you need. Textures of the visuals and characters you use are also lively making this an amazing animation platform.

9. After Effects

The most attractive facet of this software is the various features and using options it provides only at a nominal subscription fee of 21$ per month. Similarly, bringing real-life motion into the pictures of your choice is excellent with After Effects as this is the extended version of Adobe Creative Cloud. You can use this software for creating 2D as well as 3D animated images and characters.

Your level of animation skills does not matter here as this software can match your needs and speculations on its own. Above all, you are definitely going to enjoy the art of animating using After Effects for sure. As the animations available here match the industry standards, which makes things interesting to use as well as watch.


In conclusion, various animation software help make the task of animating very useful. Therefore, one needs to choose any of the above-mentioned software to make things easier and do their tasks with the least problems. As there are a lot of popular cartoon films and plays made using this animation software, you too can make many on your own with fewer efforts.

After that, if you wish to create great-level content using these platforms, you will definitely get three times the amount you pay as the subscription fee here. Therefore, give yourself a kick-start and get to work with any of the above animation software.